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Effective date: September 2014

1- website editor
This site is owned by "CHEMI-VIT SRL", P.IVA 00239700354The Website editor wishes to draw the attention of the visitors of this site to the following points.

2-User Site
The user of the site claims to have the necessary expertise and means of access to use this site. The user also declares he had read this legal note and agrees to comply with the terms and conditions contained herein. By using this website, the user affirms that he had the legal capacity and capacity to act. If the user does not accept any part of these terms, he is requested not to use this site

3-Changes to the terms
The Effective Date of these Terms is indicated at the top of this web page. Though it is not our intention to make frequent changes to these Terms, we reserve the right to edit them. In case of substantial changes, we will post a communication on this web page. If possible, we will communicate any changes in advance. We do not make changes with retroactive effect unless legally obliged. The further use of the site after the amendment of effective date constitutes acceptance of the updated Terms. The updated Terms replace all prior versions of the Terms themselves. For this reason it is recommended to consult these Terms each time you access the Site and print a copy for future use.

4- Contents
The information, logos, graphics, sounds, images, trademarks and other published and / or reproduced in this website are owned by (or licensed from third parties to use) CHEMI-VIT SRL. The reproduction of the contents of this site is permitted only with written permission of CHEMI-VIT SRL. It is therefore forbidden to modify, copy, reproduce, distribute, transmit, or distribute unauthorized content of this website.

5- third-party web sites
The Site may contain links to Web sites and third-party services, including links to social networks (collectively "Linked Sites"). The Linked Sites are not verified by CHEMI-VIT SRL., which is not responsible for such sites, or the information and materials contained therein, nor for any damage caused by or arising from access to those sites, of the interconnection with those or downloading their content. The publication of any link does not imply endorsement of the linked site by CHEMI-VIT SRL. or its association with the operators of this site. CHEMI-VIT SRL does not do any analysis, verification or monitoring of the Linked Sites. CHEMI-VIT SRL. provides links to these sites exclusively as a convenience to the user. The user accesses the Linked Sites at his own risk.

6-Use of Information
The publisher is not able to guarantee the user that the information provided does not contain any errors or omissions, nor to ensure the constant updating of the information contained in this site. It is the sole responsibility of the user to use the information available on the site wisely. Therefore CHEMI-VIT SRL recommends checking the information taken from its site before any decision.

7-Material submitted
Any personal information sent to the site of CHEMI-VIT SRL will be treated in accordance with the Privacy Act. Any non-personal information submitted to CHEMI-VIT SRL through this site or posted on it, including suggestions, ideas, drawings, plans, photographs, graphics, notes, assessments, etc (collectively "Submitted Material") will attribute to the latter the exclusive, unrestricted, irrevocable license to use, reproduce, display, perform, modify, transmit and distribute such non-personal information. The notification of such information will automatically transfer them, at no charge, exclusively and with every right and power, to CHEMI-VIT SRL. The user is fully responsible for his own submitted material. The User acknowledges and agrees that v has the right (but not the obligation) to modify, remove, accept or reject the publication of the submitted material. CHEMI-VIT SRL assumes no responsibility for the material submitted by the User or any third party. It is recommended not to disclose personal information in the submitted material, which may be viewed by other people who, in their turn, may use the personal information contained in the submitted material. CHEMI-VIT SRL is not responsible for the information disclosed in the submitted material.

8- Hypertext Links
the creation of a hypertext link to the site is prohibited except with the prior written agreement of CHEMI-VIT SRL. The site may have been linked without the agreement CHEMI-VIT SRL to other sites through hypertext links. CHEMI-VIT SRL does not authorize this type of link and declines all responsibility for the information presented on these sites and their content.

9- Privacy and Security
please read our Privacy Policy to know the information gathered by CHEMI-VIT SRL on the site and methods of formulation of it. Without limitation to the terms of our Privacy Policy, the User is aware that CHEMI-VIT SRL can not guarantee the use of the Site and / or information received by the site fully reserved and protected. CHEMI-VIT SRL is not liable to any breach of privacy or security incurred. The User is responsible for taking the precautions and the most appropriate security measures to the situation and intended uses for the site. CHEMI-VIT SRL reserves the right at all times to disclose any information in the manner it deems appropriate to comply with any applicable law, regulation, legal process or request of the Authority applicable.

10- Disclaimer of Warranties and Limitation of Liability
Except for what explicitly mentioned above, the site is provided "as is" and "as available", without warranty of any kind, express or implied. CHEMI-VIT SRL does not guarantee that the website will meet your requirements, run smoothly and uninterrupted or free of error or virus, or the correction of errors. CHEMI-VIT SRL can not be held responsible for any damages, including infection by computer virus, which the user equipment may suffer due to access and / or interconnection with the site or downloading of its content. Any advice provided orally or in writing by CHEMI-VIT SRL or its delegates, does not create any warranty. The use of this website is entirely at the user’s risk.

11-Governing Law
At this site it is applied the legislation in force in the territory of the Italian Republic

1- Provide the documents for the eligibility assessment when defining the contract (depending on the request).
2-Introduce yourself to the office staff for the identification. The direct access to operational areas is absolutely forbidden.
3-Please see the documentation related to the risks information associated to the different areas of activity, and to the risk assessment interference document.
4- During the activities of loading and unloading remain on the vehicle or at safety distance from the same.
5- Access to the unloading area at low speed (less than 5 km / h)
6- keep order and cleanliness of work areas and parking.
7- Do nothing if you are not sufficiently trained and informed about their specific risks.
8- Do not circulate in the work areas of CHEMI-VIT SRL and do not perform unauthorized activities.
9- Observe the functionality of security safeguards (Do not block emergency exits, do not move or cover objects with fire extinguishers, etc)
10 smoking is not allowed
11-recognize and obey what indicated in the hygiene rules for subcontractors and maintenance activities
12-Report any abnormal situation to CHEMI-VIT SRL supervisor


In compliance with the article 13 of the Legislative Decree 196/2003 containing the Code dealing with the protection of the personal data CHEMI-VIT, being the owner of the treatment, informs that personal data acquired through business relationships will form the subject of the treatment in respect of the above mentioned regulations; in relation to the mentioned treatments CHEMI-VIT provides further information as follows.

Collected personal data
Personal data collected by the company concerns basically:
1.identification data(corporate name or denomination, address, telephone and fax numbers, e-mail address, fiscal data, etc) related to economic or commercial activity(orders, solvency, bank data, accounting and fiscal data, etc)
3.any other data necessary to establish and execute contractual relations.
This data is provided directly by yourselves or may be provided by any third person being an owner of the treatment(e.g. through our agents and representatives for the data concerning contracts and orders or through societies of commercial information or registers , lists or public data banks as far as financial solvency, commercial information, etc are concerned)

Aim of the treatment
Aims of the treatment of personal data are as follows:
1.execution of contracts drawn up with you and of all the related obligations
2.fulfilling obligations of law related to contractual relations
3.organizational and commercial management of the contract(e.g. relations with agents and representatives, contractors who organize activities being performed by customers) of contractual rights
5.internal statistical analysis activities consisting of sending promotional and advertising materials concerning products and services analogical to those being the subject of the commercial relation itself; invitations to informative and promotional events
7.information on solvency
8.guarantee and assistance before and after the sale
9.survey on client’s satisfaction level

Nature of the underwriting of data
The underwriting of data and its treatment is compulsory as far as aims nr. 1, 2, 4 are concerned being related to performances of contractual or legal nature; additionally, the underwriting is compulsory in relation to aim nr.3 referring to carrying out all the activities of the company necessary and functional as far as fulfilment of contractual duties is concerned; in consequence, any possible refusal to provide data for these aims could determine the impossibility to give expression to both contractual relations and law obligations. The underwriting of data and its treatment is optional in any other situation.

Methods of the treatment
Personal data can be treated on paper, by computer, by telephone/fax, and inserted into data banks(clients, suppliers, administration, etc.) which will be made accessible to employees (commercial, administrative, purchase offices, production) who are appointed by the company as responsible for the treatment of the personal data and who can carry out operations of consultancy, use, elaboration, comparison and any other necessary operation, also automated in respect of the measures of law which guarantees discretion and safety of data, let alone the correctness, updating, and relevance of data regarding the declared aims.

Area of communication and diffusion of data
In relation to the aims indicated in points nr. 1, 2, 4 the data can be communicated to:
1. transport companies and shipping agents for the purpose of transport of goods and customs practices;
2. bank institutions as far as management of incomes and payments is concerned; recovery companies, cession, credit protection
3. financial administrations and other companies or public corporations fulfilling normative obligations
4. societies and legal studios as far as protection of contractual rights is concerned
5. clients/suppliers
6. societies and individuals carrying out activities of outsourcing for the company
7. trading associations

As for aim nr. 3 data can be communicated to agents, representatives, wheeler-dealers working for the company, contracting companies or independent workers and purchase companies.

As for aims nr. 6 and 9 no communication of data outside the company is foreseen , except for agents, representatives, wheeler-dealers operating for the company, or the spread of statistics in aggregated and anonymous form.

As for aims 6 and 8 generally no communication of data outside the company is foreseen, except for to agents and representatives of the company who will present or send material in situations already authorised by client by expressing their consent

As for aim nr. 7 data may be communicated to agencies or societies of commercial information.

On the company’s web site no diffusion of personal data is foreseen except for the publication of identifiable data (corporate name, address, telephone and fax number, e-mail, web site).

Rights of the involved
In relation to the mentioned treatments rights described by article 7 of the Legislative Decree 196/2003 (the text of which is enclosed herewith) can be exercised between limits and on conditions foreseen by articles 8, 9 and 10 of the mentioned decree.

The owner of the treatment of personal data is CHEMI-VIT srl and it is practiced in the company’s corporate domicile sited in Italy, Quattro Castella, via Don Milani, 5/c where also a list of people involved in the treatment may be provided on request.
Any further information concerning the treatment and communication of personal data provided or acquired can be provided by the commercial department of the company sited in the corporate domicile(
The present notice obviously does not exclude any further information which can be provided to the interested also orally during the collection of data.Data 08/03/07


Enclosure: art . 7 concerning the rights of the interested.
Art. 7 Legislative Decree 196/03(the right to the access to personal data and other rights)
1. The interested has the right to obtain a confirmation of the existence or non-existence of personal data related to them , even if they had not been registered yet , and its communication in the intelligible form.
a)of the origin of personal data
b)of the aims and methods of the treatment
c)of the rules applied in case the data is treated with use of electronic devices
d)of the identification limits of the owner, responsible and representative mentioned in article 5, comma 2
e)of all those to whom personal data may be communicated or who may learn them being a representative or responsible appointed within the territory of the country
2. The interested has the right to obtain indications
3. The interested has the right to obtain:
a)updating, rectification or, whenever desired, integration of data
b)cancellation, transformation into an anonymous form or block of the treated data caused by a legal violation, included those which do not require the preservation in relation to the scopes for which they had been collected and treated
c)certification stating that operations stated in points a) and b) have been communicated, also when the content is concerned, of those to whom the data has been communicated or distributed, except for a situation when such fulfilment results impossible or requires involving means out of proportion to the right being defended.
4. The interested has the right to oppose against everything or only a part:
a)for any justifiable reason, to the treatment of data concerning the interested, relevant to the scope of its collecting
b)as for the treatment of personal data concerning the interested as far as sending advertising material or direct sales or market research or commercial communication.