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Spring is coming .. DEFENSE is the natural help against insects

Spring, together with migratory birds, flowers and butterflies, gives us other less pleasant arrivals … INSECTS

To avoid insect bites, synthetic molecules have been studied, which can be applied to the skin, unlike insecticides that are spread into the environment.

However, their harmlessness is not exactly total, so it is preferable to use products formulated with natural raw materials, which mainly use essential oils, whose action is slightly milder, but much safer for our health and that of our dogs.

For these reasons, CLIFFI has developed DEFENCE a line that includes two products capable of effectively repelling mosquitoes and insects, thanks to the combination of natural essential oils with “insect repellent” properties, contained in the exclusive formulation. Referring to the extensive existing documentation, DEFENSE line contains a complex of essential oils of vegetable origin, such as Neem Oil, Tea Tree Oil, Eucalyptus and Citronella, which were really unwelcome to insects, and harmless to our four-legged friends, humans and the environment.

This is why the DEFENSE line products are also suitable for dogs living at home.