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UNO DI FAMIGLIA “MICROBIOTA” now available also with fish

UNO DI FAMIGLIA means family member.

It is the revolutionary DOG & CAT FOOD, intended for healthy animals, but designed and formulated for their health and to increase their level of well-being. Now available the new product rich in fish (41.3%).

Fish is an excellent food for dogs, and for this reason wild dogs that live in environments that can offer this type of food, frequently feed on fish.

Fish is a source of alternative proteins to those of meat, and can therefore contribute to the healthy diet of those dogs who need alternative proteins. It is appetizing, digestible and rich in “essential” fatty acids that the body is unable to produce, but which are essential for health, and must be consumed through food.

THE LINE UNO DI FAMIGLIA “MICROBIOTA” is now completed by a fish product: ADULT MEDIUM-MAXI – STURGEON with SALMON and TROUT, which has FRESH STURGEON as its first ingredient, is formulated without cereals and is designed to meet the nutritional needs of medium-sized adult dogs.

It is rich in fish and is formulated only with animal proteins derived from fish (fresh sturgeon 20%, salmon and trout), provides Omega 3 and Omega 6 fatty acids in an optimal ratio for the health of skin and hair, and is free of dyes and artificial preservatives added.

UNO di FAMIGLIA “MICROBIOTA” – STURGEON with SALMON and TROUT, like all the products in the line, contains NUTRIMICRO, a special mix of ingredients designed to nourish and safeguard the intestinal MICROBIOTA, thanks to the presence of PREBIOTICS (Inulin source of FOS), POST -BIOTICS (Tributyrate) and other substances active on the Microbiota, and on the intestine (Nucleotides) which favour its balance, counteracting its alterations.